Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Welcome to Supplementary Lecturers in PDEs (Hilary 2009)

Welcome to the Hilary 2009 version of Supplementary Lectures in Applied PDEs.

It will meet twice weekly during weeks 4-7: Mondays 2-3pm and Tuesdays 3-4pm (in SR2 in the Mathematical Institute)

The TA is Thomas Woolley.

The two principle topics to be covered are distributions (aka, the mathematically and physically rigorous way to deal with things like delta functions) and Fourier theory. Note that there will be a good amount of cross talk between these two basic topics, and overall there is somewhat more coverage of distributions than of Fourier series. These topics are somewhat different from last year, and if you're worrying about anything you heard about last year's course, please note that I have rewritten the lecture notes from scratch.

Note that problem sheets and scanned lecture notes have been posted.

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