Sunday, 9 March 2008

Review class for homework sheet 2

As we discussed in lecture, I am going to hold a review class for homework sheet 2 during week 0. The format will be similar to the review class for the other half of the class, but I anticipate that the big picture summary of material from the lectures will be shorter than for distributions because I think that you found those lecturers easier to follow than the ones on distributions. (You should let me know if I am mistaken. We have a limited time, and I want to try to maximize how much it helps you.)

You are supposed to take the Exam on Thursday April 17th, so we are going to have this class on Monday April 14th (when you are required to be back). If you have questions before then, you can ask them here or by e-mail. I will be around all break. I'm sorry that I am unable to do the review this week---I need to finish the marking first, I am out of town on Thursday, and I am required to sit in on the MSc project presentations on Friday because I will be marking them in September.

Will 3pm on April 17th work for everybody or do I need to adjust this time to make sure that everybody who wants to come can come. Please let me know.

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