Friday, 1 February 2008

Problem Sheet 2 available

Problem sheet 2 (due Friday of week 8 at 4pm) is now available.

Note that there is a box in the basement of the Mathematical Institute where you should turn in problem sheet 1 (due Friday of week 4 at 4pm).

Solutions will eventually be posted for problem sheet 4, and I'd also like to have a class to discuss these problems. I have the MSc lecture schedule, so I will try to schedule something around that. Hopefully we can find a time that everybody can make. Tentatively, I'd like to do this during week 6. (Note that the class for the second problem sheet will need to be early in Trinity term.)

Note that the 6th problem in problem sheet 2 is quite long. It is meant to guide you to the original analytical derivation of solitons and various things (including insights into shock phenomena) that occurred along the way. It will also be extremely illuminating conceptually, so I hope you'll take the time to go through it to a decent extent. Anyway, while doing it fully will take some time, it's something that will be educational and I am certainly open towards turning that into one of the proverbial class project things you're supposed to be doing.

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